Flashcard Sentence Constructions

The purpose of this game is to develop students' listening comprehension. Its instructions are very simple. Give the students the flashcards divided into categories such as personal pronouns, verbs, nouns, object pronouns, special cards, such as question and negation cards, etc. (If you make the cards in color, these categories are easily identified by the color of the shirt worn in most images.) If you have two teams, you can give one category to each team member.

Open the ULAT to the lesson on whose content you want to focus. Without allowing the students to see the lesson, click on one of the sentences so that the students can hear the sentence, but not see it. Placing their cards in the correct order, the students are to try to order the sentence's images just as they exist in the ULAT lesson. Once they have correctly formed the sentence, click on the next one in the lesson and have the students form that one as well.

Only one team should participate at a time. Give the team one minute to form as many correct sentences as they can before moving on to the next team. Teams are awarded one point per correct sentence formed and the winning team is the one with the most points at the end of the final one-minute round.