The ULAT is a three-year language program based on the Natural Language Acquisition Sequence.  It imitates the natural means by which one learns one’s native language, first laying a strong oral foundation to ensure that students actually learn to speak their new language, before moving on to elementary reading and then finally  to writing.  In 2018, the magazine Practical Homeschooling awarded the ULAT its iLearn award as the nation’s leader among online interactive programs in terms of user satisfaction.


1. Using the ULAT in a homeschooling setting:

2. Using the ULAT in schools:

3. Using the ULAT in a co-op

General Information


The first 15 lessons in the ULAT program are provided to you free of charge and therefore do not require the use of a username and password. You are assigned a username and password upon subscribing to the ULAT, but will not be obliged to use them until you reach lesson 1.16.


Some lessons can be studied sufficiently in a single day, others will take as long as four days. Consequently, determine how much time you intend to devote to foreign language study each day and then, when that much time has transpired on any given day, simply stop your study at that point of the current lesson and then pick up your work the next day where you left off.


Generally speaking, if you devote 45 minutes per day to studying the ULAT lessons, you will complete one year of study in approximately 180 days of class.


In the video found at the beginning of each lesson, an instructor will go through the lesson with the students, performing the lesson’s activities with them and providing helpful explanations.


After watching the instructional video at the start of the lesson, and participating in the activities it proposes, the students are to work independently through the lesson, doing the activities that follow the video.


Be sure to click on any image containing a red border, as it will either play a sound or open a video clip.


The image of a stop sign appears at the top of any lesson containing a test. By clicking on the stop sign, students can bypass all of the lesson’s activities and go directly to the test.


Lessons concluding with a test will usually contain four forms of that test. A video providing the correct answers to the oral tests is found at the end of the test. A button exists at the end of each written test that reveals its correct answers.


Here is how you can try out the ULAT before subscribing. The first 15 lessons are provided free of charge. Click here and then select the language you wish to study. This will take you to the Table of Contents for the first 15 lessons. From there, click on the green button next to lesson 1.1 … and you’re off and running!


Annual subscription pricing:

  • Individual students or families = $48 USD per student or family
  • Group subscription for 5 – 19 students or families = $33 USD per student or family
  • Group subscription for 20 – 49 students or families = $28 USD per student or family
  • Group subscription for 50 – 99 students or families = $23 USD per student or family
  • Group subscription for 100 or more students or families = $18 USD per student or family
  • Group subscription for 500 or more students or families = $13 USD per student or family

INDIVIDUAL AND FAMILY SUBSCRIPTIONS:  The Individual and Family Subscription covers all of the members of your immediate household.  Subscriptions established at this time will extend throughout the entire 2019-2020 school year, not expiring until July 31, 2020!  This extended expiration date applies to group subscriptions and organizational discounts as well (see below).  Click here to subscribe.

GROUP SUBSCRIPTIONS:  The biggest discounts are offered to schools or to groups of families or individuals who send their registration information and payment together. (See the group subscription rates above.) Click here to learn how to subscribe as a group.

ORGANIZATIONAL DISCOUNTS:  Organizations can also request that their members benefit from a discounted subscription rate. Click here to learn how to obtain a discounted subscription rate for your organization’s members.

Duration of an annual subscription

Normally, of course, the duration of an annual subscription to the ULAT is 365 days. However, to ensure that subscribers have use of the ULAT for at least a majority of a single school year, it is our policy to extend the validity of any subscription established between January 1 and July 30 of a given year to July 31st of the following year. Examples: If a family subscribes to the ULAT on January 1, 2020, their subscription will be valid, at no additional cost, until July 31, 2021. If a subscription is established on March 25, 2020, it similarly will be valid until July 31, 2021.